When should the revision be done?

Our workshop holds a Provincial Authorization as an authorized inspection center for all types of vehicles (under 3.5 quintals), motorcycles, mopeds, quads, tricycles and quadricycles.
The first inspection must be carried out 4 years after registration (e.g. registration 01/01/2010, first inspection by 31/01/2014) or upon reaching 80,000,000 km before the 4-year life of your vehicle, while the subsequent ones are performed on a scheduled basis every 2 years (by the end of the month from the date of the last).
In any case, our office will take care to send you a free reminder in the month of its expiry, to keep you up to date!

Car Inspection Expired? Make an appointment

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The Autoracing srl workshop is located on the state road in Malonno in via Nazionale 161, between the Orietta restaurant and the agricultural consortium.
Our company boasts an experience of over 40 years in the field of car preparations and repairs, you will find our brand new and very recent workshop prepared for every type of need.
Via Nazionale 161 - Malonno (Brescia)
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