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Convergence and Balancing

Adjustment of the angle that the front tires draw with respect to each other and alignment of the tire to the rim.

Custom assets

Custom assets with calibrations set according to your needs. Choice of alloy wheels and performance tires.

Tire Repair and Replacement

We evaluate whether tire repair is possible. If not, we can supply a new tire and replace it.

Tire Reversal

Reversing the tires helps extend their life. We recommend reversing them once a year.

The right tire for every road surface

With all types of available make and model sizes, for the most part already in house and for orders with a maximum waiting day of one day, a ready and efficient state-of-the-art pit stop with our 7 custom-made bridges to execute quickly and lean every tire change even in the most clogged periods!

Tire change? Make an appointment

Call us, we will change your tires within 48 hours
Our goal is customer satisfaction and our certainty that the cars delivered by us are in every detail as the customer wishes.

Our workshop has a latest generation toe / camber plane to completely eliminate any driving irregularities, with 3 types of machines to balance tires of any size and also the possibility of nitrogen inflation for the most demanding! We seek and give seriousness!
The Autoracing srl workshop is located on the state road in Malonno in via Nazionale 161, between the Orietta restaurant and the agricultural consortium.
Our company boasts an experience of over 40 years in the field of car preparations and repairs, you will find our brand new and very recent workshop prepared for every type of need.
Via Nazionale 161 - Malonno (Brescia)
P.Iva: 02349870986